From: Vicente Ngo <>

Subject: Re: [Sports&Hobbies] Basco, Maasin, Surigao


Date: Friday, 19 November, 2010, 5:40 PM



It seems that none of our young S&H members could share any information to these long distance races. Thus, I would like to take the liberty of sharing some of my unforgetable experiences on the subject.


On December 16, 1981, PPA (Phil. Pigeons Association) tried their first race in Basco, Batanes. This was actually a special race as the whole racing season has been blessed with good weather. Any member can enter any number of birds by paying Php 1K each. The total entries fee minus the airfare expenses will serve as winner take all prize for the Champion bird. I entered two birds to test my pigeons and tried my luck.


The birds were released at 6:30am with good weather condition in Basco. It was released on Saturday and expect the birds to clock on Sunday.


I have work on Saturday and my loftman had taken a leave and had just returned on that day, so I have instructed him to clean the loft and forgot to mention to him about our special race. At around 4:00pm, my loftman came to see me at my office to inform me that a bird has just return with a rubber band on both legs. I was on the phone talking to a dealer in Bicol at that time. Hearing the news, I was suddenly awaken remembering that we have a race in Basco. Thus, I told the other party of the telephone line that there is an emergency and I will just call him back later. While rushing up to the roofdeck, I asked my loftman for the rubber and he replied that it was still attached to the birds. Get it fast, it was a race from Basco! When I reached the third floor, I suddenly remembered that my TIMING CLOCK was still in my room at the 2nd floor. Thus, I have to run down again to take the clock. By the time I reached the roofdeck door, my loftman had the two rubber bands in his hand already. We clocked one rubber and was wondering what to do with the other rubber. Without anybody to consult with, we finally decided to clock the second rubber after several minutes.


The clock was brought to the clubhouse that same night and I am glad that inspite of the loss time, we still won the first place. The celebration was held at Alfredos Steak Restaurant on Sunday night with Jimmy Ongaigui ordering two large size Tenderloin Steak.


At dahil sa inihinto na ang flights to Basco ay natigil na din ang club race doon. Kaya hindi na masyadong nasundan ang mga Basco champions sa kasaysayan natin.


I will continue my story on Surigao experience later........