Breaking Point


I talked about tossing your birds at around 90 kms lately as many as you can before the races and during the races (Mid-week) by three's. What I would like to emphasize is toss them at your identified approximate "breakpoint" area. How to do it?

1) Buy a map of the Philippines, the big one.
2) Mark with red dots all the race points your club will be racing.
3) Mark your loft also in the map with a red dot.
4) Put a line from each race point (red dots) you marked to your

Note: you will observe that the lines you have drawn converge as they near your loft.

5) From your loft, measure approximately 90 kms to the center of the converging lines from your race points marked.
6) Look for a place there, nearest the highway or accessible road where you could easilly go for your "breakpoint" training tosses. It may not be the exact identified place but that's not important. In my loft at QC, my "breakpoint" is towards the left of Gapan for North races. In the south, I have 2 breakpoints, one for over the lake and another under the lake routes because the lake made the difference.

Note: From my experience it was applicable to different race distances but very effective in short to middle when it is not a smash race.

Why toss at @90 kms? It is a distance where most birds fly home without having to stop and rest, and that's the behaviour we want to train our birds. During the races most of the time they are in groups but a bird trained on a "breakpoint" usually are more motivated to fly faster and do not overfly their lofts upon recognizing areas near their "breakpoint" . Usually humihiwalay na sila sa grupo at sila na magdadala. Hindi na sila ang sasama sa loft ng iba at magsasayang ng oras.

This system is only applicable to fanciers who have the time to do it and can afford to do it. It is more fun to do it with some fanciers to economize and enjoy the trips.

Happy Racing !

Tommy De Vera