1. When theirs a bubbles on the chest.
  2.  The presence of oil on the tip of primary flights.
  3. When you go into the loft in the morning, the droppings should lay in little globales near to each other. It means they have good rest. If there are several little feathers on them, its even better. When droppings are scattered, then the pigeon are nervous and not rested well.
  4. Pay attention the way they drink, the less they drink the better their conditions.
  5. Pigeon that willingly take a bath and after the bath leave a lot of  powder floating on the water are in good condition to perform well.
  6. Pay attention to their eyes, the drier they are the better conditon.
  7. The neck must be smooth clear mirror.
  8. No feathers should be out of place in the wings.
  9. Warm legs are sign of good conditions.
  10. The throat interstice must be small as barley grain. When throat is large means not in good conditions.




  1. Watch breeder that cannot feed their youngs properly. Eleminate bad breeder or  put their egg on pumpers.
  2. Watch for youngsters that don’t eat well and run around their wings open

screaming for food.  ( not good )

  1. They need to eat at feeding tray. After couples of days if their still light, cull  

            the youngster even if their from proven pair.

  1. Pay attention that during the first days, that there are no babies that flicker their eyes. If so, they need help to find the drinking fountain. Deep their head in the drinker. They are thirsty and will drink.
  2. Pay attention to young birds that let themselves dirty. Those bird are no good.

            cull them.

  1. Young bird that first to sit on perches, they are the good one.




  1. Start with a close knit group of birds with superior performance background.
  2. Refine the gene pool to consistency breed youngster that match your personal ideal type, both physical and behavioral.
  3. Base all selection decisions on performance.
  4. Identify a template pigeon.
  5. Explore your breeding program around the template pigeon.
  6. Recycle the program with fresh blood every 20 years.




Use no medication at off season. When pigeon are not breeding, training and racing, their immune system can work of full capacity. We are able to play balancing act with exposure to germs much better. If something goes wrong we have the backing of very effective antibiotics. Use garlic juice, apple cider vinegar, and kalamansi juice every Monday only ( alternate ). The rest of the week use plain water only.