"Frico Girl/Lady" RPAP-95-0210 (Hen)

Champion San Francisco, Leyte 1997 (Solo winner)

Finisher, San Francisco, Leyte 1996

6th Overall North 1995 RPAP & 4th Aparri

3rd Overall North '96 NRPC, 8th Vigan, 7th Daet

8th Overall North PSP, 8th San Jose, etc.

Note: She was good in short, middle and long distance..North and South.

" Frisco Girl/Lady" RPAP-95-0210 (Hen) This bird was formerly named "Double Frisco" coz she was a finisher at first at San Francisco, Leyte '96 (her nestmate "Frisco Boy" won 2nd place), then I raced her again the following year 1997 and she was the solo winner. Her daughter however clocked twice in 2 succeding years after her..so the name transfer.