From: Kerby Chua <>
Subject: Re: System Management... For the benefit of the S&H Group
To: "Mike De Leon" <>
Monday, May 24, 2010, 10:09 PM

Hi Bro Mike!


Always a pleasure to share something helpful to the group. My system of management is plain and simple...


This is the sequence of importance to me:


1. Breeding System


This is where the success of a fancier is dependent upon. I would like to start off with the use healthy breeders. Healthy breeders are more likely to produce healthy and vigorous squabs.


In terms of medications for breeders, I am very careful in using preventive medications. We cannot blindly treat our breeders for this will affect their resistance. I only vaccinate my breeders for Paramyxo every November. Deworm and Delouse (endo & ecto) a month before pairing. I noticed that my squabs are healthier with this kind of preparation.


Feeding the breeders is also very important! You want to give them the proper nutrients for their squabs. I try to give them a mixture of not less than 22% converted digestible protein. I also give them supplements of Eggfood by CEDE which I import directly from Belgium. This Eggfood is specifically formulated for racing pigeons which includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Florastimul (good for the intestinal flora). I noticed that with this feed mixture and feed supplement, my squabs are tremendously healthy! Every Monday, I give my breeders Tonic for cleansing their system and to keep them away from sickness. Tuesdays and Fridays I give them vitamins and minerals supplement. Wednesdays and Saturdays I give them a mixture of electrolytes, B-complex and calcium. 


2.  Managing youngsters before training/racing


I vaccinate my young birds for Paramyxo all at once as soon as the team is complete (North & South). Normally March for the North team and May for the South team. I also vaccinate them for Pox. Vaccinating them from Pox takes away their down time and eliminates the deadly wet pox. 


Loft flying is a must for our birds. Just like athletes, they need to exercise everyday. I make sure that I give them loft fly 2x a day. Again, nutrition is also important for our athletes. I give them a mixture with the proper nutrients combined with some supplements for their optimum growth during the first 3 months of their lives. Every Monday I give them Tonic to keep their system clean and keep them away from sickness. Once a week I give them vitamins and minerals supplement on water.


3. Training and during racing


First, I make sure that my birds are comfortably happy in their respective compartments. Being comfortably happy means the loft MUST NOT be overcrowded. Remember that the function of ventilation is relevant to the number of birds in a given loft/compartment. With this in mind, you will tremendously bring down the very common sickness that hit our young birds - RESPIRATORY! I also see to it that every bird has their own perch/box. This is the most basic of all motivation system.


During this time, I adjust the feed mixture to higher carbohydrates and fat composition. This is because I want to bring down the incremental heat in their body. More heat in the body means more burden for the birds therefore decreasing their performance level. 



On the day of arrival, I give my birds a combination mixture of electrolytes, b-complex and calcium. I only give them Eggfood upon arrival. The logic behind the Eggfood is for easier digestion while absorbing the necessary nutrients they need. I noticed that my birds' droppings are back to form quickly. Every Mondays, I give them a light mixture of small grains and Tonic on their drink for cleansing and keep them away from sickness. Tuesdays back to their racing feed mixture and just plain water. Wednesdays I give them Omega 3-6-9 as dessert and vitamins and minerals supplement in their drink. Thursdays I normally give them a short mid-toss in the morning and again Omega 3-6-9 as dessert and a mixture of electrolytes, b-complex and calcium on their drink. Fridays is essentially just a stretching day in the morning. Birds are let out as they wish. I only give them Omega 3-6-9 for dessert and plain water. Notice that I give my Omega 3-6-9 from Wednesday to Friday. This Omega 3-6-9 is in pellet form. My intention is to build up reserves for the bird. Omega 3-6-9 is composed of essential fatty acids which becomes an unlimited source of energy for the traveling pigeon.       



Remember that there is no hard and fast rule in the game of pigeon racing. We must all adjust our systems to our respective lifestyles. The ultimate measure of success is if we are happy with what we are doing...


Good luck to our brothers in the sport!


Kerby Chua