Tacloban Race March 2008, was a very memorable day for the new comer in the sport of pigeon racing. Mr. Kerby Chua's pigeon, aptly called "GOOD PREDICTION" came in before sundown, making his bird the only day bird to clock from a 570km release point, and winning the 1st Place Tacloban Classic Championship Trophy. In only two years time, he achieved a feat that everybody wants to achieve. Tacloban race is a 2-day race, with an average of only 10-15% in clocking returns most of the time. This was possible because the origin of his pigeons are mainly of long distance pigeons from famous names in Europe, and his philosophy, extensive knowledge and experience as a thoroughbred-breeder mating only the best with the best. He's fondly called the "Jos Thone of the Philippines" not only because of his handsome looks and figure, but also, it is because of his extensive collection of beautiful Jos Thone birds. With this in mind, he is probably destined to become the next Philippine Idol in the local pigeonsport community.




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Courtesy of Mr. Ben Chua