Pag sinabi nating CROSSBREEDING ang ibig sabihin nun is breeding together of two breeds of the same species. Ex. fantail x racing pigeon, tippler x oriental frills...& so on… mas appropriate na tawagin natin na OUTCROSSING if we are referring of mating both racing pigeons.

 OUTCROSSING - mating of unrelated cock & hen of the same breed. Ginawa ito to produce Hybrid Vigor  (Heterosis) birds, ang ibig sabihin nun yung offspring will exceed both sire & dam, assuming na maraming good qualities yung both parents. Ang isang disadvantage ng outcrossed birds ay malaki ang gene pool nila, meaning yung character (both good & bad) ay nag increase dahil nag contribute ng bagong character yung sire w/c is differerent from the hen. Ang magandang example nito ay kung tumataya tayo sa " lotto ", mas maraming combination of nos. involve.... mas maliit ang chance natin na manalo. Kaya nga most of the time, kung meron tayong " Champion Bird " tapos try nating i-breed, karaniwan hindi maduplicate ng offspring yung good character ng champion bird dahil sa dami ng combination ng genes na pwedeng ipasa from the said bird.

 INBREEDING - mating of birds more closely related to each other. Other says that if you see the same ancestor in the pedigree of both sire & dam, you can consider the bird as inbred. Example Double Grandson or Double Grandaughter... Ginagawa ang inbreeding para paliitin ang gene pool ng Kalapati, ang ibig sabihin... If related ang Kalapati Na pair natin, dahil magkamaganak sila... halos pareho ang character nila (both good & bad) kaya halos magkakamukha sila. Kung inbred ang K, makikita natin ang good & bad genes nila. Kaya pwede nating cull yung K w/ bad genes & breed only from the ones w/ good genes. Ang isang disadvantage ng inbreeding ay matagal makapag produce ng quality birds dahil it will take time to cull & select. And another disadvantage, is that if you dont know what you're doing mas malamang Na magproduce ka ng family of birds with lots of bad genes Na maipapasa SA offspring nila. But we should remember that great strains (Janssen, Aarden… etc.) are produce thru continous inbreeding & lots of cullings...

 LINEBREEDING - is a form of inbreeding where the relationship of sire & dam is further apart. Ex. Sire x Grand Daughter, auntie to nephew, cousins... etc. Most fancier use this bec. It’s much safer than inbreeding. 

  In my opinion, it's better to outcross two inbred family to produce hybrid vigor birds. Ganito yung ginawa ko sa entry ko sa Empire One Loft Race.Out of 800 entries the bird placed 24th at 350 mile race and he placed 32nd out of 138 entries at 420 mile race. The bird's standing is not that impressive pero considering he flew against the top fancier from Canada & also some from US, I can say that the bird did a great job! Pero there's a lot space for improvement, kaya hopefully makapag breed pa ng K mas maganda ang performance...

Hopefully naka tulong ito.... 


Assuming that i have 3 pairs as my foundation, cock a, b & c and hens a, b & c. The Cock A and Hen an are related, cock b and hen b are related, cock c and hen c are related.

 I prefer linebreeding because this is what works well with my line. Cross, feeling ko parang tsambahan ang pairing ko. Kung inbred naman nagiging oversize ang mga ibon ko or minsan naman lumiliit. I think, the only prerequisite for Line Breeding is that you are already satisfied with how your line performs. You need to have the best foundation you can get and they perform to your loft as well. roup/sportshobbies/


By : Melchor De Asis