Lim and Chua Share Limelight In Thailand



JAIME Lim, the incumbent president of Philippine Homing Pigeon Association, Inc. (PHA) brought home the prestigious Princess Cup trophy after ruling the F.C.I. Thailand Racing Pigeon World Championship 2011 held in Khon Khen, Thailand last Dec. 9. 

Lim’s entry -- the Pied blue bar hen with PHA 11-9038107 band - placed first among 464 birds entered. 

A total of 433 birds were clocked on that race. 

The Princess of Thailand personally awarded the trophy to Lim during the formal awarding ceremony on Dec. 10 at the Montien Riverside Hotel Ballroom in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sharing the limelight was Nelson Chua, the racing chairman of PHA, who emerged victorious with the top Philippine bird in the 520kms category held in Nong Kai, Thailand. 

The red hen with PHA-11-9013696 band placed 137th among 1445 birds entered. 

Only 217 birds qualified in that race.

The F.C.I. Thailand World Championship is held annually with two categories, namely, the 400kms at Khon Khen and 520 kms at Nong Kai.

Other PHA members who had their birds clocked in the Nong Kai 520kms race were Rey So, Henry Tan and Johnny Ngo Tin See.

Lim is encouraging other fanciers out of PHA “to participate in this very prestigious race to give honor to our country.”