Success depends 50 percent on the fancier, he is as
important as his pigeon. It is often said “a fancier
who flies well is envied”…when a fancier flies
especially well, it means that he has a secret. Too
many fancier in our day are still victims of these so
called SECRETS of our strong fliers and how many
tricks are not used to unveil these mysteries.

Is there another secret in existence in our sport than
health, super health? If you would stop and think, you
would come to the conclusion that the fancier who
flies good is a perfect artist, an artist who brings
his birds into health and form without artificial

In active pigeon sport, just as in all other sports,
you must be skilled and we must admit that all our
racing pigeon fanciers do not possess this necessary

Certainly, through accident, we can get hold of an
outstanding bird but to preserve the strain untouched
and to succeed with it we must be an artist, a real
knower, a champion.

Some fanciers are born with this trait, they entered
the arena of pigeon flying with this gift, they were,
so to say, born with PIGEON BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS. They
fly pigeons from their early youth and handle
themselves as long as strength allows them, until they
reach an old age.

This adaptation does not pertain to big fancier (BIG
DOES NOT MEAN GOOD ) and we think that there are more
good small fancier. Undoubtedly, they do not own the
same fame because the numbers of birds entered are
limited, thus fewer prizes are won but they can quite
often burn the heels of some boasters.

Many succeed in one or two races because by accident
they entered an unknown good bird or because they had
the luck of competing at the moment when their birds
were in top condition.

But is it possible to depend solely on luck to fly a
good pigeon??? Those who place all their trust in
accident and luck ARE TO BE FELT SORRY FOR. To
succeed, you need more than money and champion strain
and that is just what many fanciers lack.

, he is as important as his pigeon… THAT IS THE GREAT

The basis of success is the knowledge and capacity of
the fancier. Those who wish to place themselves in the
foreground of pigeon sport must possess the
indispensable qualities of which the WILL is the most

TO THE LIMIT. The fancier who practices those
principles will go a long way. Such a fancier
possesses the spirit of observation in the highest
measure. Nothing goes pass him. He observes everything
closely in and outside of the loft. He will quickly
notice if one his bird is not in order. He closely
watches the signs of form to plan his races. He knows
through experience that the best pigeon never can win
a top position or money unless it is in super health,
in the best body and moral form. Nothing is left to
Too great a number of fanciers envy the success of
such masters in the pigeon sport. Why don’t they
investigate the reason of their failure and what can
be the blame for it? And indeed, many champions felt
through haughtiness. They deemed themselves above all
others, that no end could come to their success and
neglected out self pride the smallest details. Their
fall came unexpectedly and probably for long.

Some fanciers think that the success of champions
lies in the manner of feeding and try everything
possible to find out which sort of grains to feed
their pigeons. If a champion tells then what he feeds
and they hastily try the same mixture and do not get
the hoped for results, they think THE CHAMPION FOOLED
THEM.. There are different manners of feeding just as
there are different sorts of feed that suit or could
suit their pigeons, but above all, we must know what
quantity to give them and to give only the choicest
and best grains.

Out of the above, it seems that there is no truth lied
into the so called secrets of our sport. Be convinced
that to become a champion and to remain one,, we must
comply with the main demands. Have pigeons of good
origin and have knowledge which is one of the most
important points. If you do not have all of these
factors, success will not enter.

Let us not always envy the fanciers who yearly win
several hundred prizes and so place themselves in the
rank of champions.

First, let us investigate how many birds they entered
to capture so many prizes and how much they invested.
If the camparison is to their advantage, then only do
you have a right to envy them. If it is different, you
may conclude that they are UNLUCKIER than you. They
are TO BE PITIED because they ship a number of birds
and won only a minimum of prizes. We wish to repeat
that only perfect health and retaining it has always
been the secret of the pigeon champions. Let us not
forget that only the real artists, the fanciers who
observe keenly are responsible for 50% of their
success..read on.......... ..

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