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I think it is very difficult to rate who is the best fancier in the Philippines. Just like any sports,we have seen great athletes surfacing in different time. What is important is the fruits of your hard works and the achievements you made. I can say that I am a very challenging person in whatever things I do.




Adding to your chest of informations and with

modesty aside, I would like to add a few informations about my racing pigeons career. We all would agree that to consistently win in the racing pigeons, you must have good birds, good management and a lot of luck.




I started racing with PPA in 1981. Back then,

the names we admired were Conrado Ferrer, Peter Yap, Victor Lim, Jose Sy, etc. My challenges is how to aquire, breed and race good birds to compete fairly with some of our Idols.


My waitings did not take very long, as I was

able to bagged the BASCO champion on 12-16-81 with my 82053-81 BC-C. The bird was breed by Mr. Reynaldo Co. That was the start of my great achievements.


In 1987, I was awarded with a prestigeous more than three feet tall trophy by our club (RPAP) as the first member to win the young bird category overall champions in 3 consecutive years. to wit:


1985 North YB overall champion 808-85 BC-C


1986 North YB overall champion 0306-86 BC-H


1987 North YB overall champion 870289-87 BLK-C


This feat was never repeated again in the history of RPAP.






1990 series was probably one of the most shining year of my racing career. I won a total of 27 trophies with 11 CHAMPIONS in YB & OB categories.


 On March 23, 1991, I was able to clocked 9 birds in less than 10 minutes from Tacloban race with speed of around 1,100 m/min. I had 6 birds in the top seven YB Overall Winners with the 5th going to Luis Chiu.


In 1992, my 921430-92 BB-C won 7th place in

the (OLR) Asia Pacific Racing Pigeon Conference in Thailand.


In 1993, my Legendary 902492-90 DUN-H bagged 5 CHAMPIONS in a row. To wit:


02-21-93 Sorsogon Champion


02-28-93 Matnog Champion


03-07-93 Calbayog Champion


03-20-93 Tacloban Champion


SOUTH '93 Overall Champion


This is another record which I believed has not been broken.


 In 1994, A Mitsubishi Lancer was at stake for

the Surigao Race.


On March 30, 1994, my Champion bird 931535-93 BCWFH-C was clocked at around 8:30am of the 2nd day. It was followed by my 2nd bird 931541-93 BB-H about an hour later. There were only 5 birds clocked from the race. 3rd bird was past 12 noon, 4th past 2pm and the last at past 5pm. No other birds were able to make it even after the next few days.


 Moving forward, In 2007 of PHA, I was able to

clocked in the following races as follows:


02-11-07 Naga Race - YB 1,2,3,6,10 OB 1,3


02-18-07 Legaspi Race - YB 2


02-25-07 Sorsogon Race - YB 1,2 OB 1,3,6


03-04-07 Matnog Race - YB 1,2,4 OB 1,8




Todate, I have won a total of 383 Trophies with 201 Champions and more than a thousand diplomas.


Now, I have to accept that there is no way up

but DOWN. I no longer have the time to take care of my feather athletes and is planning to retire soon. Though I seldom sell my pigeons, I was surprised to hear from different corners that fanciers from all over are using my line with great success.


Please accept my apology if there is any error

in the above informations.


Good night!

















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