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Hi Guys,


Here are some inputs about my lines and the answers to the queries on my pigeons. I will trty later to post photos of some of my birds in my album at the e-group to help those who have acquired such lines. Brother Miro Salariosa's comments were correct.


First,  my bloodline when I started to race at RPAP in 1986 to 1993 were all from my mentor Ben Tan Lee (RPAP director) who happens to be my childhood fancier friend. They were His best birds and was transferred to me because he was quitting the sport after that season. They were Josef Van den Broucke, Emiel Deweerdt, Andre Dereere and A. Melucci birds. I usually call them my "Old Line"


Answer to query number 1:


1) "Top Gun" BC-C  BC(RPAP-95-1501) is from my Old Line. He is the sire of " Double-Frisco" BB-H (PHA-96-61504) who won superset in 1997 south, second San Francisco, Leyte 1997(only 3 birds clocked YB & OB)  and Champion, San Francisco, Leyte 1998. The only bird who won twice in San Francisco. "Top Gun" was relegated to the breeders loft when he was shot down on his race but survived the multiple wounds inflicted on him.


Sire of "Top Gun" is RPAP-92-921002 "Calbayog Boy" BB-C (Emiel Deweerdt-75% & A. Melucci 25%). He is a Champion at RPAP in Calbayog, 3rd Overall South '93, 2nd Tacloban, 2nd Overall south '94 and 2nd Overall North '95.  He is the son of my first YB racer in RPAP named "Garuda" BC-WFt-H  (RPAP-86-1815) who won for me the overall pool and 9th Overall "86 North and 1st Overall '88. Sire of"Calbayog Boy" is my foundation cock "Superdad" BC-C (RPAP-83-1283) an Emiel Deweerdt. "Superdad" is also the sire of "Garuda", so "Calbayog Boy" was produced from a father and daughter pairing!


Dam of "Top Gun" is RPAP-93-=931588 "Surigao". She was an Auction solo winner and champion at Tacloban where only 2 YB's clocked.

She was the YB Overall Champion 1994 where Tacloban was the last race. She was sent to Surigao the next race and was clocked among the only 5 birds that arrived.. She`was the only YB clocked in all the races of south season of 1994. "Surigao's" dam is (RPAP-90-1992 ,2nd Ace Bird '92 ), one of my well-known "Tres Hermanas" (3 full-sisters who made their mark  in winning multiple races in the North and South races alike). Tres Hermanas were a cross from my foundation breeders J. Vanden Broucke(RPAP- 85-2774 BB-Cock, 2nd Calbayog 3rd Overall YB South 1985) and stock foundation breeder Andre Dereere (PPPA-84-081975 Pencil-Hen).


Answer to query number 2:


In 1995,Percy Brown, from  Australia, was my guest for the first time in my loft. His wife "Anita", who happens to be a Filipina, have learned about me from their club president who was a resource speaker like me in 1992 Asia Pacific Pigeon Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. We immediately became friends during that visit where I brought him to the diffrent lofts from PHA friends. He showed me some pictures of his recent long distance winning birds and I was impressed but never asked for any favor on his birds..although gustong-gusto ko talaga. He said, "It seems that you are not interested on my birds Tommy". I replied, " No, Percy, I hope I could have a pair from you".


As soon as he landed back in Australia, he worked on the papers for his gifts for me. I hoped for a pair of youngsters from his rerent champion then (1994) at 1,044 kms (660 miles) LRPC-93-0295 a red cock but he surprised me by sending the bird itself. I named him "Brown's Pride". He also gave me a hen LRPC-93-1141  which I named "Blue Bayou". She is a full sister to the Aust. Fed Champ at 1,273 kms. of 1995 and the dam of the Fed champ at 1,044 kms of 1995 as paired with "Brown's Pride". It was a youngster from the pair he sent me before they left his loft.


In 1998,Percy Brown and Anita visited me again and he was happy to learn that his birds were doing well with me. He informed that his birds just won in the 938 miles (@ 1,400 kms). He clocked the first 7 seven birds in the federation (109 lofts). He then sent me again the winners themselves.. 2 pairs. I got the first, second, third and fifth birds that won in the 938 miles. First was NIPC-97-1776 "Federation" BC-Hen , who also champ at 250 miles, 450 miles then the last race which was 938 miles. She was a product of full-brother/ sister mating!! Second placer at 938miles was Lockyer-97-1905 BB-Wft-Cock. He was @nd also at  350 miles and 4th at 250 miles Federation. Third place at 938 miles was Lockyer-97-0052 BB-Hen. She was also the winner of 4 one-bird races against 98 lofts. Last but not the least was the fifth placer at 938 miles NIPC-97-1880 BB-Cock.. he clocked 5 times with his first group at 190miles, 250 miles, 405 miles and 590 miles.


All of these birds have a pedigree paper written personally by Percy Brown with the corresponding notes at the back.


So guys, only one bird is red from Percy Brown and it is true Brown is his surname and does not refer to a color of his birds. Only LRPC-0295 "Brown's Pride" is red. His color was very dominant that the majority of my Percy Brown birds became reds and when I inbred them before I left the country it was already producing white birds with just very few flecks of black or brown!!

 All of my direct Percy Brown birds were kept by Tommy Hornillos. My long distance winning birds and their immediate families were bought by Rey So in 1999 right after I won my 4th consecutive
San Francisco, Leyte races. I retired from racing after that and had a short stint back before I left in June of 2005.


I wrote this overview of my bloodline to help those who in one way or another have acquired birds on these lines. BTW, I also introduced in my flock 2 birds from Vicente Ngo in 1994 that produced "Frisco Girl" and Frisco Boy" the nestmates that won for me my first two San Francisco,Leyte. The cock CRPA-88-2325053 BC was actually from Luis Chiu and the dam RPAP-87-872556 BC is the one from Vic Ngo's bloodline. An interesting story on how I acquired these 2 birds is noteworthy. Vic released 20 excellent breeders for PSP members as I have requested. I allowed the purchasers to pick what birds they like. They left 2 birds for me...and what a surprise!! those two birds were the one's that produced my "Frisco Girl" and Frisco Boy" and when I crossed with my Old Line produced "Double Frisco"!!. Amazing o tsamba!! LOL


All the best,