By: Thirdgie Celis

Philippine Pigeon Express

July 2001


Peter See started back in 1973 with the Philippine Homing Association (PHA),Manuel tan,who close to Victor Lim, helped him and served his mentor. Interestingly some of the birds that Peter acquired from Manuel Tan were from a priest in Baguio and are mostly Stichelbault.






It is the winningest birds in terms of prize money in a North auction Race.There were four (4) pigeons clocked at that very difficult race.One was Sergio Ong's bird,another was Douglas Uy,another one from Cham Teng Hui and lastly his prized bird.

 Arrived: 4:55 pm

Cut off: 5:30 pm




Of  the Peppermans and Vyermans that were imported by Willy Enriquez back in the early 80's some were purchased by Alex Chua(not the Alex Chua of late) and eventually were later acquired by Peter See. Willy Enriquez had also Mazarella birds which Peter bought directly.These line have produced winners upon winners without infusing other strains.He has nothing against importing birds but feels that pigeons experience a change of weather and will further undergo tests, therefore succeeding generations might be ones to click.




Before pairing up the birds,a careful preparation for breeding is done two months before. This includes all necessary treatment including PMV.

Peter stresses top condition , the moult should also be completely finished. and if weak youngster pop up, don't hesitate to CULL. Youngster are weaned at twenty five days already with PMV shots. Weaned youngster receive at first no corn, just small grains and seeds.

Peanuts is served regularly to his racers and breeders as dessert, just three to four pieces.

Just  as the racers begin to pair up , they are separated and then exercised once a day. If the cock are released in the morning and hens in the afternoon, the following day it will be reversed.

His racers receive a mixture with about fifty percent corn.During the moulting (June,July, August) protein is increased. During the racing season , Vim-vite is given on Wednesday or Thursday. At arrival, Honey is served and lately he is trying out Vita-lyte.




Even from Tutuban Center Mall, Peter See's loft located on the rooftop five floors high can be seen. Painted gray on the outside. Fitted with glass windows for that much needed sunlight, jalousies for adjusting ventilation.Some Fanciers may not want their lofts to have openings on the lower part of the wind can blow rain inside. But Peter solved this problem by placing wind barriers just adjacent to these openings.