Summary Result of the

2010 South Young and Old Birds

Young Birds Overall Champion : Jose Torres
Young Birds 2nd Overall Winner: Victor Tan
Young Birds 3rd Overall Winner: Renato Tiu

Old Birds Overall Champion: Paquito Ngo
Old Birds 2nd Overall Winner: Paul Ung


Old Birds 3rd Overall Winner: Jaime Lim

Naga Champion Young: Albert Lim
Naga Champion Old: Luis Chiu
Legaspi Champion Young: Cham Teng Hui
Legaspi Champion Old: Jerry Tan
Matnog Champion Young: Jerry Tan
Matnog Champion Old: Luis Chiu
Allen Champion Young: Rey So
Allen Champion Old: Cham Teng Hui
Catbalogan Champion Young: Luis Chiu
Catbalogan Champion Old: Kerby Chua
Tacloban Champion Young: Cham Teng Seng
Tacloban Champion Old: Paquito Ngo
MacArthur Leyte Champion: Alex Tang



Courtesy Of Ace Birds Philippines