"Pifers Brotherhood"


Florante Lim Bunag




The true meaning of brotherhood is very hard to fully define. Some will

define Pifers brotherhood as just a simple friendship across the globe. One good

definition maybe the relationship of Filipino pigeon flyers that had it's origin in the

internet and sealed their friendship in a form of a "GEB" (General Eye Ball).

"General eye ball" is the meeting of Pifers brothers in person that you

have exchanged e-mails with and chat about pigeons. In some cases some

brothers become part of your personal life more than your own family. At

times,We talked to each other through the e-mails more than most of our

relatives talked to us.

Being part of Pifers brotherhood is an addictive endeavour . I could still

recall new members like me would stay in front of their computer reading and

writing e-mails for many hours even past midnight for many weeks. Thus

jeopardizing one's valuable health. Just for the mere fact of basically "talking

about pigeons" and knowing the character of the fancier behind the e-mail


Once you got the immunity. It seems that posting and reading Pifers

messages become a part of one's spirit. Stirring the blood in your veins that

enhanced you to post and read more messages of exciting revelations about our

beloved feathered friends. Through our "kalapatid" (Filipino brothers in the

pigeon sport) through out the world.

Creating a true essence of brotherhood/sisterhood of being a knight

(gentlemen) and ladies of the Pifers e-group. Letting the whole pigeon world

know that the Filipino fanciers around the globe was indeed one with a true spirit

of brotherhood in the pigeon sport. It was fascinating indeed. Reading questions

and answers to queries about the science that enhanced our knowledge about

our pigeon sport. It seems like a circle of life. Pigeon racing is in a full throttle if

not in the United States of America and Europe. It is indeed in our beloved

motherland,"The Pearl of the Orient",our dear Philippines. At this writing

hundreds of pigeon clubs if not thousands had been established through out

Luzon, a few in the Visayan region. Mindanao, I firmly believe will follow the

trend. Thereby a "National Race" for the Philippine Islands may become a

reality one day and not just a dream.The Filipino fanciers can be united in one

spirit and excel in the pigeon sport where we can be very competitive. Let it be

known that the Filipino fanciers is one to be recon with in the pigeon world.

Rich or poor is not the question. It is one's integrity,honesty,good manners

and right conduct is what matters. One that is the symbol a true brother in the

sport. At times it has a deeper meaning specially if we are greatly affected by the

un sportsmanlike conduct of a single Pifers brother. But life goes on. Like a true

champion who made a rigid selection of his stock. A true champion never looks

back but rather carry on to his next breeding season hoping for an excellent crop

of "sky warriors" for his racing and breeding team.

Like an avid Pifers brother. One should not look back. I don't want you to be

my brother today. I don't want you to be my brother tomorrow. I don't want you to

be my brother for a week. I don't want you to be my brother in a month. I don't

want you to be my brother in a year. But I do want you to be my true brother and

friend through the test of time.

I'm a member of Pifers International and proud of it. For she made me a

fancier with integrity and honor. To regard my fellow fanciers in the sport in the

everlasting spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood. To respect and honor the institution

she represent and to direct in me the right path to the highest tradition of the

pigeon sport. This is my "Pifers' Creed".

There were times that the postings in Pifers e-group was not based on

pigeons alone. Politics, economy, and other science topics were being

discussed. It would be nice if topics will be concentrated on our beloved

feathered friend and politics of the pigeon racing. But as we are only human we

are very prone to post topics unrelated to our pigeon sport.

Evil doings are always present in our society in the beginning of time. Pifers

e-group is not an exception. With due process the final decision to remove a

such a rotten member is the ultimate task of the Pifers BOD (Board of Directors)

and to prevent members for doing fraud of posting double identity. The Pifers

moderators had this painstaking task. To ensure that only respectable and

honest fanciers can join the Pifers e-group through screening and

recommendations of members in good standing.

It is truly remarkable that in this modern era. We can communicate with

Filipino pigeon fanciers all over the world. Thereby enhancing the spirit of

brotherhood in the sport. In any hardship and trials the Pifers brotherhood goes

on through the test of time. Like the symbol of the wings in our logo. That

symbolizes the global unity among us. If we are united in one spirit we all can fly

with prestige and honor that we can be as one in the pigeon world. In time we

can also be proven as leaders in the world fancy. A true leader that knows the

value of equality and righteousness. I'm proud of my Filipino heritage. May the

good force be with us all.