Super Moult


“ Super Young Birds “


BY : Amazing V Loft



Chapter Nine

“ The Moult And The Feathers “

pages 130-131



How can the fancier help his young birds to complete a super moult?

Health and a Super Moult go hand in hand. After reading the chapter on “ Young Birds “ it should not be difficult for the fancier to have a super healthy young bird team and a super moult will surely follow.


Everyone should endeavor to have his young birds complete their entire moult before the second race of the season or when the birds are 22 weeks old. If a bird is not finished his moult at 22 weeks of age, then the fancier has failed or the birds is not healthy. When the youngter has cast its tenth flight, the moult can be considered complete.


The lights are necessary for success but they must be properly used. As stated many times throughout the book, fourteen hours of daylights or artificial light are a must to success. This means every when breeding, rearing, training and racing young birds. Old bird racers are excluded.


Proper selections of grains are most important for a good young bird team moult. When feed too rich of mixture, the feathers become soft and lose their strength. The proper feed formula is given in the “ Young Bird “ chapter. The right amount is also discussed.


The right ventilation and temperature are also  very essential for a super moult. The temperature inside the loft should be the same as that outside. The loft that is too warm will produce pigeons that are unable to cope with the cold. An overheated loft can also make that awful extra moult happen. A cold dry loft in the wintertime is most acceptable. A slight draft won’t harm the birds but will keep the loft dry and airy. Of course the draft must not blow directly into the roosts or nests but a breeze or draft blowing through the loftis healthy and dry. Especially when it blows from the right direction.


Proper exercise is also a must for an extraordinary moult. If youngsters are hatched in the cold winter months, some fanciers have a tendency to neglect exercising the team. This men claim it is too clod or the day too short etc. But, once youngsters are weaned, they must be exercised in all kinds of weather. Rainy weather and baths are needed for a super moult. A bird will jump into a bathing pan and take a long bath even though it is cloudy or rainy fairly hard. In fact, pigeons prefer rainy or cloudy days to sunny days for bathing.


The last and most important factor for obtaining that extraordinary moult is heredity. Over the years your author has destroyed all “ slow moulting “ birds. Make no mistake , a slow moulting birds produces “ slow moulter “ while fast moultng  birds produces “ fast moulters “ .


One can easily determine if his young team is going though a good moult. When entering the loft very early in the morming., before the bird the start to move, there should be plenty of of tiny down feathersand some wing and tail feather under the roosts and in the corner of the loft.


One should never pull a wing feather from the bird for any reason. If the bird has broken wing feathers, he should either be raced as is or saved for the next year.


Sometimes a bird will not moult the same flights on his two wings. If he is moulting his third flights on the left wing, the right wing must also be moulting the third flight. Both wings should moult in exact unison. A half-inch difference isn’t to serious, but a pecise moult is preferred. A bird that moults his two sets of wings feathers at differents speed is inferior and should be destroyed. Ifhe has a brother or sisters with the same defect, then the parents should be mated to different partners. After discovering which parentsis responsible for the uneven moult, this parent should be disposed of, too.


Yes, the young bird moult is very important if one expect to be successful. Regardless of the quality of the bird, one will not be victorious unless his birds moult properly. If one had the best birds in the world, he would still be a loser if the races did not moult properly.




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