From: Vicente Ngo <>

Subject: Re: [Sports&Hobbies] Basco, Maasin, Surigao


Date: Friday, 19 November, 2010, 9:15 PM




Surigao as the ultimate challenge.......


Compared to Surigao City, I think Basco race is relatively easy for the simple reason that Basco is just a small island. Except for a strong head wind condition, the tendency of our feathered athletes is to circle around the island and head for the closest mainland that they could see, which is Cagayan province. From there, they could see some of the landmarks from their previous races in Burgos or Aparri.


On the other hand, Surigao has a longer air distance, and the pigeons have to cross two water channels to reach their final destinations.


In 1993, RPAP (Racing Pigeon Association of the Philippines) had  decided to test the birds to a new distance (SURIGAO). A Mitsubishi Lancer was finally put at stake for the Champion of this lap. In order to carry out a successful race, the BODs have made a good planning that includes the following:


1.] The race was scheduled on March 31 to April 1, 1994 for a two  day race.

2.] Bird cages were sent to Surigao City one week before the race schedule.

3.] Two RPAP members volunteered to fly the 35 birds from Manila to Butuan City 2 days before the actual race. From the airport, another volunteer (Benito Go Que) met with them and travel another two hours by land to Surigao City.

4.] Upon reaching Surigao, the birds were transferred to the bird cages for conditioning.

5.] Fresh water and mixed feeds were given to restore the energy of the highly stressed birds.

6.] The birds were liberated on March 31, 1994 at 6:25am with good weather condition.


On April 1, 1994 (Friday), I have a guest from Japan. Due to my anxiety, I have invited him to join me in waiting for the birds as I could not possibly talk business with him when my mind is centered on the Surigao race. My first bird arrived at past 8:30am and was followed by another bird at past 9:30am.


This was the results of the ONE & ONLY Surigao race that RPAP have ever conducted.


1.) Vicente Ngo         931535    8:36:18     804.41

2.) Vicente Ngo         931541    9:38:20     752.29

3.) Ngo Paquito L.     931520   12:12:34    650.17

4.) Wilson Laroco      931834   12:41:22    632.53

5.) Tommy De Vera  931588     5:46:27    497.67


Aside from the five birds clocked on the second day. There is no more reported bird that were able to survived the race.



Just sharing!