During hard races and middle to long distance races we will need to give them a separate mix of "SMALL SEEDS" to give them extra strength and quicker recovery. During my lectures there in the Philippines I emphasized this. You might win last Sundays race but lose the bird next because you missed giving the bird the necessary nutrients he lost during the hard races he went through. These Small Seeds must be given upon arrival day and at least the last two days before basketting or even earlier when their bodies really needs recovery. The mixture is high in readilly digestible protein and fats for better recovery. You may give them before your flyers mix or give them wholly in your farthest races during the last few days before basketting.



For 10 kilo mix


1. Sorghum (White Sorghum if available or Dari)-------10%. or 1 kilo

2. Brown Rice ---------------------------------------------10%. or 1 kilo

3. Red/Yellow/White Millet ( one will do/ 3 better)-----15%. or 1 1/2 kilos

4. Canary Seeds-------------------------------------------10%. or. 1 kilo

5. Buckwheat-----------------------------------------------5%. or. 1/2 kilo

6. Rapeseed-----(big and small if available)-------------25% or. 2 1/2 kilos

7. Linseed (Flax Seed)------------------------------------10% or. 1 kilo

8. Hempseed (available at Progressive Poultry Supply) 5%. or 1/2 kilo

9. Safflower ( Cardy)--------------------------------------10%.or 1 kilo

Total. 100%. or 10 kilos


Note: If these seeds are not all available in your area, get as much different seeds as you can. You will not go wrong by altering the percentage because of limited seeds, remember we are just giving our birds the most that we can. Take consideration also on your finances because some are costing high.


All for the best & happy flying!