Three Most Important Things That Every Pigeon Fancier Should Know




Pigeon Health

The highest quality bird with the best loft in the world will not fly well unless it is healthty. You need to practice good loft maintenance, follow a medication schedule, and always feed your birds properly.


The Loft

You would want your house to be clean and in good order, right? No messes or spilled food. You would like it to be comfortable, no drafts and dry. Well the same goes for your birds. An unclean, unventilated loft with overcrowding is an open invitation to problems and disease. If you have a few good, healthy birds in a well kept loft you are already half way to being a good pigeon flier.


Quality Birds

Quality can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, to me it means having birds that have proven their worth to the loft. Granted proven birds may cost, but a high price doesn't always mean quality. When looking at birds, always check their race performance or that of the parents. All birds are different, but you will have a better chance with ones that have a proven background.

Whether you buy birds from a breeder, a fellow flier or are offered "freebies" always strive to get the best you can. Try to make sure that they will be an asset to your loft.







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