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Thursday, 11 February, 2010, 3:25 AM

Hi MikeD,


Sorry for the long delayed response. Tungkol sa race management, medyo masyadong simple style ko, i hope it could help you.


The week before the race, i give them lots of training tosses at  @75 km to 90kms. I intentionally miss club tosses during that time as long as i could..also during the race proper. Since the races are already undergoing, i hope you did treat them for internal and external parasites at least a month before the races, here are some ways i manage my racers:


* Two days before basketting days for the races, I mix "Colombine Vitaminized Glucose"(other brands can be used)  in their drink during mornings and plain water in the afternoon. The night before basketting, I give them a tablet of "B-Complex with vit C" (i use the brand Rhea Lab from Mercury) but you may use better ones available. I find it very important to let them range on basketting day so that they could drink much' especially when their water is treated with glucose.


* Also, two days before basketting, I add 1 to 2 handfulls of brown rice and safflowers in their racing feeds. My racing mixture is as follows:


   50 % whole corn

   30 %  mixture of small seeds, etc. such as: wheat, sorghum, brown rice, oats (shorter ones) and safflower.

   20 % mixture of legumes such as: green peas, canadian peas, maple peas, dun peas, austrian peas and vetch


  From youngsters to training season my mixture is 40%, 30% and 30%. But feeding is more on observing your birds condition than in fixed formulas. 


* Upon arrival from races, when i have Belgasol..I give it first then they switch to glucose then plain water late in the afternoon. Most of the time, I only give Colombine Vitaminized glucose upon arrival then plain water late in the afternoon. More often, I move them from arrival compartment to their regular compartment. I always refrain from holding them upon arrival except when the weather is too hot where i give them a drop of "Eye-Mo" (regular one) on their eyes for easier recovery. At night, I give them a tablet of B-Complex. I use the mixture of small seeds mentioned above as their arrival feeds, so i have some of the mixture handy at all times (sneaky mixture can be added to it also).


*Monday morning, the drink is mixed with the glucose in the morning and plain water in the afternoon. I let them fly by their own even after hard races so that they will drink plenty of glucose. The basic racing feeds is given. Before noon, always give them a bath (for me it is the most important one). I usually start by spraying them with water like rain( I use the sprayer used in ironing clothes) to induce them to go to the basin filled with about 2 inches of water later. It will help them recover quickly. At night, birds who are still looking stressed are given a tablet of B-Complex.


*Tuesdays--I let them fly morning, noon and afternoon. But whenever I am available, I toss them at 75kms to 90kms. Plain water is given and regular mixture.


*Wednesday-- I let them fly morning, noon and afternoon. Most of the time, I toss tyhem at 75Kms to 90 kms. When I am not available, I send them for club tossing. Glucose mix in the morning and plain water in the afternoon. For the later part of the racing season starting at Matnog, I start giving additional handfull of brown rice and safflowers in their racing mixture. Sometimes I give the birds that are still not showing vigor a tablet of "Colombine Supra Pills". I give them a bath in the morning, after resting from a toss and having been fed or from a morning ranging. Again from my experience, this bath is one of the most important thing during south races.


*Thursdays-- I let them fly morning, noon and afternoon. Glucose on drinks in the morning and plain water in the afternoon. If this is the basketting day for longer races, i still let them fly because they will be locked-up quite too long in the truck. If basketting is in the morning, you may not let them fly due to the risk of not getting them on time for the club. As I have said, feeds should be added with a handfull or two of brown rice and safflowers.


  * Fridays..I let them fly morning, noon and afternoon. I don't practice forced-flying although I am not against it whenever you feel they are overweight but I would rathet toss them at 75kms to 90kms. I give them a tablet of B-Complex. Glucose is mixed with their drinks again.


Sometimes I give "Ginseng Extract" PANAX brand which I usually buy at Chinese stores near Arranque market. It is a liquid one in ampule. I give a half of the dropper used for babies vitamins. I only use it for birds for pooling purposes or birds that I feel have not recovered very well.


Mike, this is a simple system that I have used since I started racing. Bloodline is foremost but they are like athletes that have to be conditioned for hard activities. Observation of each bird is a must and most of the time they have to be treated individually. Separate the birds that seems to be sick. Always look out for their stool because it tells everything about their condition. Remember to jot down everything that you have been doing each day during the race season so that you can create your own system for your bloodline. Every loft has a system, pick the best for you team. Recording and monitoring are very important aspects of our sport. Winning is easy, consistency is far different.


Again sorry for the long delay in my response. Good luck! Feel free to communicate for any concerns.


All d best,