From: Mike De Leon <> 


Subject : TOP GUN: Sire Double Frisco & Dam: Surigao (YB South OA Champ)

Date : Tuesday, 09 February 2010, 4:00 AM

E-mail ko na lang sana ang pedigree pero sira ang pedigree program ko kaya kwento ko na lang ayon sa pag-kaalala ko sa ibon. Si "Top Gun" ang Sire ni "Double Frisco" 61504( winner PHA 97YB  South Superset,2nd place 98 PHA San Francisco, Leyte at Champion 99 PHA San Francisco, Leyte). Si Top Gun ay 5th generation na ng winners ko, dam niya si "Surigao" (94 YB South Overall Champion ng RPAP, solo winner ng Tacloban at Auction Bird at 5th ng Surigao 94 RPAP..the only bird clocked in all 7 races from Naga to Surigao...she was then flying home only to a flypen kasi giba na bahay ko at loft niya Top Gun ancestors came from my first generation foundation line Emiel Deweerdt (from my mentor and childhood buddy.. Ben Tan RPAP director then)..2nd generation ay si "Garuda" RPAP 86 YB North Overall and plenty of wins on different clubs... linebred/inbred from winners then along the line crossed to a Josef Van den Broucke cock (2774) named "Calbayog" or " Tuldok" who is himself an excellent racer and breeder also from Ben Tan Lee. With that cross came the "Tres Hermanas" or 3 full sisters all Overall winners from north and South and became Ace Birds. There came "Surigao" and next gen. is "Top Gun" who was crossed to "Frisco Girl" (210) my 1997 PHA solo winner in San Francisco, Leyte(a K that I bred from my "idol" kumpadre Vicente Ngo's birds.... they produced 6th generation "Double Frisco" whose full brother gave Rey so a supersit win of 455K at PHA. We consider "Top Gun" as my Old Line and  my 1995 infusion of long distance champions from Percy Brown as "New Line".  

Your second question on Tamera line?  I honestly do not know that line.Hindi akin yun. I suggest gawan mo ng drawing o sketch yung "top gun" para mas madali.



Mang Tommy

"Top Gun" RPAP-95-=951501,

Sire of "Double Frisco" as paired with" Frisco Girl/Lady".

Son of "Surigao Express" RPAP-93-931588

He was shot or attacked by a predator while racing home but survived to produce birds that were very persistent and clocks during smash-like races. He had 4 bullet wounds or claw punctures from a predator that time. He landed on board soiled with dried blood and could no longer walk to the trap door...just looking at me to help him in. He then sired an Auction winner who was also shot/attacked by predator the next race in San Francisco, Leyte 1999, arriving with wings soiled with dried blood like his sire.. on sunrise Monday..immediately bought by a known PHA member.

"Top Gun" RPAP 95-951501, at the flypen. After "Double Frisco's" win, he was bought by a friend for I am leaving the sport then. In his first season with my friend, "Top Gun" immediately paid him back when he also sired a Y2K/ Super-Superset winner (@600th) . His bloodline still exists in many lofts and winning consistently in hard races.